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10 BBB Customer Reviews

“Darius and his sons were very personable, courteous, and professional.  They did a great job in a timely manner at a fair price.  I received quotes from fly by night companies at over twice the cost.  I would highly recommend their services!  First class business!” 

“We asked Hardwick Tree Care to cut down 3 large walnut trees, 1 large ash tree and 1 small oak.  What a FANTASTIC job they did in basically 1 day.  They showed up on a Thursday at 3:00 PM and left at 7:00 PM, then, returned at 10:00 AM Friday and had all the work….and a short notice request…..complete by 12:30 PM.  They not only cut down the trees, they shredded the limbs, cut and stacked the wood in fireplace lengths, and raked and removed anything left on the ground.  We attempted to cut down 3 small ash trees ourselves but we only got 1 done.  When Darius showed up Friday I asked if he would finish up the small ash trees…..and he did.  We requested the stumps be ground, and he came back with the stump grinder.  Plus, Darius saw a couple of dead limbs in the good walnut trees and had his son remove them at no charge to us.  I would definitely recommend Hardwick Tree Care.  Darius and his sons are wonderful … very honest, very reliable, and very polite and very professional !!!”

“The tree was down and stripped of it’s branches in approx. 25 mins! We had the trunk left as we like to burn wood in our outdoor fire pits and he followed our directions exactly: we wanted the tree down, all the mess cleaned up and any loose branches hauled away.  I left my property prior to the final cleanup and was impressed when I came home later to see only the trunk left as instructed with not even one twig left on the ground. It was clear the area had been raked and all debris removed. He was professional, reasonable in his pricing and prompt. I would use him again.”

“Darius and his sons took down an Ash tree for me today! Excellent service, trustworthy, very fair price!!!. They cleaned up nicely and were first class. I highly recommend their services!”

“Darius with, Hardwick Tree Care, actually did two jobs for me; one for the business were I work and the other for me at my home. Both jobs were done in a timely fashion. Darius was prompt,and got to work quickly. There was NO mess left behind at my home nor any at the business property. He is professional and provides a quality service at the BEST price. We got three other estimates on our personal tree and Darius offered the greatest value. I would use him in the future.”

“In August of 2014, I had the privilege of observing a job from start to completion by Hardwick Tree Care. Saying that I was impressed would be an understatement. They were removing two large trees very close to a home with the use of a crane. All of the workers used great care and respect in regards to both the tree itself and the owners property. Each worker knew their job and did it well. After chipping up the branches and hauling it all away, the front yard looked pristine. I am not someone who usually writes reviews, but what I saw deserves one. I would not hesitate to use them should the need arise in the future.”