Tree Felling

If you need a tree removed, need to save some money, want a little exercise, and don’t mind some hard work, then one of the services we offer is tree felling. We put the tree on the ground and you cleanup the mess. This is appealing to some people and not to others.
Often times a tree can be felled if there is enough space on the ground for it to land. The service we offer is our ability to measure the tree and the space needed for it to land, and our ability to bring the tree safely to the ground. If you don’t know a lot about felling trees, don’t “try it at home”. There is a lot more to it than “notch it and cut it.” We have felled hundreds of trees in forests and next to houses. We can fell trees that are leaning in the wrong direction or have a small space to land. That is not to say every tree can be felled, but if it┬ácan be done, we will do it.
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Some situations are best left to a professional. When powerlines, and homes are involved, don’t take that risk on yourself and your neighbors!

Removing a large tree in an urban area


Sometimes safely felling a tree involves heights that most people just plain aren’t comfortable with!

High up in a tree removing limbs for tree removal

Felling trees can be a dangerous job, but if done properly it is the easiest way to get trees on the ground where you can safely clean them up. Why risk damaging your property and trees when you can trust a certified arborist.

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