Tree Risk Assessment

Do you ever look up into that huge tree and wonder if it is going to fall on you in your sleep? Many people call me with that concern, or something similar. We have all seen news pictures of huge trees that have fallen and destroyed houses or property. Maybe you have a tree that limbs have broken out of during storms. While there is always going to be a risk of failure with trees, statistically speaking they are not as dangerous as some people may think.

One of our services is evaluating the safety of your tree situation. It starts with targets. If your tree falls, what will it hit? What is the value of the target verses the value of the tree. We look for structural defects in the tree and overall health that might effect the likelihood of failure.

Depending on our findings we will make recommendations to strengthen, reduce, remove, or enjoy the tree.

Call us today to for an evaluation. Estimates for work are always free. Risk analysis is a for fee consultation. Prices depend on level of tree analysis and reporting detail needed.